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I'm a mother of 2 wonderful babies my 1st born is Amy Lynn Figueroa, I was raped at 16 and had got pregnant to mommy's little princess I did not know i was pregnant to her till the day i had gave birth I was still going through my monthly friend, It was an shocker to know that the pains i was having was me going into labor and then to come home with a little girl I don't believe in abortions or adoptions so I took full responsibility to try and be the best mother I can be and to try to finish school as well. 1yr1/2 later I've met a boy who i thought would be my 1st and last boyfriend (I was too much into school and was not interested in boyfriend back then) he seemed like one he took my daughter and treated her as his own then I have got pregnant with my baby boy Darrin Lamont Hammond and as soon as my son came alone the father went from accepting my daughter to pushing her to the side and treating her differently so I did not accept that and just broke it off after 2years together but also for other reason cheating/playing/lying. I was then single for about close to 2yrs when I've met my fiance Joseph as funny as it sounds we have met over Wii system the game COD Black Ops (I love playing video games when i have the chance) We moved in together a month later of being together and have been together since then with no brake ups or no cheating/playing/lying he keeps everything with me very open,tells me how he feel e.c.t. He also loves my kids watches them when I'm sick, dose not wake me when the kids are up helps me in every way he can. How ever i still do have trust issues not with him but with how my past have been so at times i do keep a thin layer of wall over my heart and feelings. I am expecting now due date is unknown as well as the sex of the unborn baby. Joseph and I are very excited to find out what our little child with be. So right at this moment I love my life with my Mommy's princess/Little man Amy Lynn Figueroa and Darrin Lamont Hammond as well with my little one who's always moving/kicking at night :) I love and enjoy my little family!!!


Mommysprinces.png This is my little princess she is a handful more then I have thought she would have been since she was a very quiet baby but I have spoken way to soon haha she is 3years old at the moment and will be 4 this year (wow does time fly by so fast) Amy is the best sister she can be to her brother Darrin, Amy keeps me very entertain and when shes asleep I can't wait till she up because I can be very bored with out her. My little mess maker sure loves to get into the kitchen items and make a nice little art on the floors then asks me later to help her clean it. :D Amy sure love lots of cartoon shows I cant say what her fav is since shes always jumping from thing to another, shes an animal lover but cats seem to just hid from her no matter what lol. At birth Amy weighted 6lb and 13oz. Mommy loves you Amy Lynn Figueroa!!



Untitled-1.pngJoe and I have met on Wii COD Black Ops since then we have been together and have moved in with each other after the 1st week we have met he is an amazing person and will be an amazing father we are expecting and the new little joy will be here Sept 29th-Oct 1st sex is still unknown but I know Joe will be an amazing father, Joe took in both of my babies as if they was his own he helps me every way he can with mommy's kids Joe loves to see the kids and I happy and that's all he wants is for us to be happy I love that when ever we talk he always says "I want the best for my family". Joe takes care of me when I'm sick and when the kids are sick I love him to death I would be lost without him and my amazing wonderful kids I have. I Love You Joseph M Tuller!