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Age 24
Gender Female
Status Married
Work Student
Location Virginia
Interest Talon, my husband, movies, music, and dancing.
Kids 2
Due Jan 12, 2013 (girl)
I am a wife, mother, and best friend. I turned 20 in September. My husband and I have been married since October 4, 2009. Our son, Talon Ronald Chase entered our world on August 26, 2009. He is a mess. Our babygirl entered this world on January 23, 2011. I work in the local hospital sitting with suicide patients. It can get interesting. We are trying for our 3rd child and possibly our last.


Mother Name; Kylene
Age; 19
Birthday; September 20th
Birth Place; Roanoke, VA
Height; 5'1

Father Name; Josh
Age; 20
Birthday; November 6th
Birth Place; Roanoke, VA
Height; 6'0

Is this your first pregnancy? No
How did you find out you were pregnant?: At home pregnancy test.
What kind of pregnancy test did you take? First Response
How many?: 2
What were your first symptoms?: I was 2 days late.
Who did you tell first?: Husband and Best Friend
Who was with you when you found out?:Josh
Was baby planned?: Yes
When was baby conceived?: May
How far were you when you found out?: 12 weeks

Due date; January 23rd
Do you want to know the sex?: Yes
Do you know the sex?: Yes
If so, boy or girl?: Girl
Any names?: Kinzley Ella Grace
Any ultrasounds?: 5
Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yes
Who do you think baby will look like?: Me
Will baby have any siblings?: Yes, a brother.
Have you and dad felt baby move?: Yes but movements are slowing since I'm at the very end.

Did you have morning sickness?: Yes, until 15 weeks.
Did you have any cravings?: Pop sickles
Did you have any mood swings? Yes, my husband swears if I ever want to have a 3rd child that I have to control my moods better.
Are you a high risk pregnancy?: No.
Any complications?: Not until 35 weeks, and it has been downhill from there.
Formula or breastfeeding?: Breastfeeding...hopefully. With DS my milk came in very slow.
Have you bought anything for baby yet?: So much! She has enough NB clothes to change literally 3 times a day. We didn't expect a lot for her but everyone has done so much. Somehow I think we have more for her than we did for Talon.
When did you start to show?: 22 weeks.
How long could you wear your regular clothes?: Up until my 3 month mark. I started getting too pudgy.
Are you excited?: Oh yes! We can't wait to have our little girl here.
Who will help with baby after their born?: Both sides of the family plus husband and friends.
What is your favorite thing about being pregnant?: Not having a period and feeling the movement.
What is the worst thing about being pregnant?: At 38 weeks just about everything.
Whats one thing do you miss doing since being pregnant?: Being able to get up and down out of the floor easily.
Any days you wish you weren't pregnant?: Not that I wasn't pregnant just that I would have her. I'm huge!
Are you ready for baby?: Yes, everything is washed and put away. Her bed is up and her crib set is on.
Do you have insurance?: Yes, thanks to Josh working a good job while I sit at home with our son.
How many kids do you want?: We want 4 but 2 is plenty for now. Maybe another in 5 years.
Do you talk to your baby?: All the time. Even my 16month old tries to talk to her.
Do you still feel attractive?: Ha! Heck no! I feel like a freaking house.
Have you had your baby shower yet?: Yes, I had it back in November the weekend before Thanksgiving.
Do you like kids?:Well obviously. I love my son more than anything in the world. And I am planning on becoming an elementary school teacher.
How far along are you now?: 38 weeks and 2 days.