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Age 24
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Interest Pastry Arts, Cosmetology
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Due Sep 19, 2013 (boy)
I'm Angela, a 23 year old mother who attended WSAVTS High School. My field was Cosmetology.I graduated class of "08". I am currently In college at Luzerne County Community College and taking up Pastry Arts Management. I have one Tattoo on my shoulder blade and had my tongue pierced, but took it out.I am Mommy to a handsome baby boy born on 6/15/10 weighing 5lbs 14.3 ounces. He is now almost 3 years old .His name is Matthew Anthony H. And I have another on the way due sometime in September of 2013. I won't lie I make mistakes alot,and chances are i'll do it more than once.I am a leader at most things I do. I can be arrogant, stubborn, and bossy at times, but that's probably the worst you'll see out of me. I am highly blunt, ask anybody, they'll tell you. So if you ever want to get your point across to somebody, I'm the girl to come to :) I'm a little screwed in the head, but don't tell anybody.I am very sarcastic, so don't take most of the awkward things I say seriously. I tend not to bother with ignorant people. Sorry, but ignorance is definitely not bliss for me. I love all sorts of Black Metal,Death metal,Screamo,Rock,Alternative,Techno and like 80's classic music.that's about it. I'm unsure about my life's status right now. I love making people smile. I have a very relaxed attitude. I express myself in every way possible. No, I don't try to be you so don't try and make me I am my own person,hate it or love it. I love to draw and I am very good at it. When it comes to food, I'm a bottomless pit. When I'm not out of the house I'm usually on the computer or asleep. If you couldn't guess, I don't care what people think of me.X_x