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I just got a positive test March. 14,due November.20th!
So I assume I conceived around Feb/12?

June/23/2010 we found out IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The U/s lady is just like.... "there's his p***s!"
:) Ah! Everyone was right. :) :]

-10?weeks- streach marks on b**bs
-16?weeks- buzzed all the stuff we wanted at babies r us
-18 weeks- found out it's a boy!
-19 weeks- movement
-20 weeks- defined kicks and movements, showing a lot, got clothes and some stuff like socks booties blankey..
-21 weeks- maternal instincts kicking in / can feel kicks from the outside
-22 weeks- can see kicks from the outside! heartburn 2 or 3 bad times. Set up the crib.
-23 weeks- felt kicks below my b**bs (they were always down low before).
-24 weeks- a tiny bit of colostrum leaked :)
-25 weeks- got my first pregnant comment from a stranger :) a jeweler lady, I mentioned I ate too much and she said "well you're eating for two!" and asked if I knew the gender and congradulated me :) I didn't know people could tell!
-26 weeks- Kicked an xbox control almost off my stomach. Kicked my ribs. Feel difference between kicks, flips, rolls, etc... :]
-27 weeks- Acid reflux, burning in the throat like crazy, kept me up at night :(
-32 weeks... he keeps his foot in my ribs a lot
-34 weeks... Pressure and weight at the bottom of my stomach, feels like have to pee all night but can't go.... pelvis hurts when get up from laying for a long time... less kicks more movement.......
- 36 weeks... dropped a little
- 37 weeks... 1cm and contractions starting
- 38 weeks... went to hospital due to bad back pain, stayed for like 3 or 4 hours, got checked, walked around, tracked my contractions, 1cm dialated and 80% efaced. That was Nov.9th. Then November 11th, got induced at 38 weeks and 5 days! Doctor said my water was low, (although it did not break?) but very exciting day none the less! :)

About You
Name?: Mandy.
Age?: 18.
Height?: 5'2.

About The Father
Name?: Richie.
Age?: 16.
Height?: 5'8? I have no idea..haha.
Are you still together?: Sure thing!

About Your Pregnancy
Is this your first pregnancy?: Yep.
When did you find out you were pregnant?: March. 14, '10.
Was it planned?: Kinda..planned? Neither. 'Just let it happen.
What was your first reaction?: VERY happy.
Who was with you when you found out?: Me at first, then my mom, then Richie, then his dad.
Who was the first person you told?: I asked my mom what a faint line meant lol. I knew...but I was "telling her".
How did your parents react?: Just fine..
How far along are you?: 25 weeks as I write this.
What was your first symptom?: I didn't really think I was...I was being very hopeful, but I doubted it... and I thought my nipples looked a little brown... (they didn't, I was trying to belive it..) and it was true! I was pregnant!
What is your due date?: November 20, 2010.
Do you know the sex of the baby?: Boy :)
If so, what is it?: Boy!
Have you picked out names?: 100%.
If so, what are they?: Richard Charles Schlatterer the 4th. It's important to SO's family..
How much weight have you gained?: 14.
Do you have stretch marks?: Yes, on my b**bs.
Have you felt the baby move?: All the time!
Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yep, twice so far.

About the birth
Will you keep the baby?: There's no other option in my mind. It goes without thought. My baby is my baby. My family is my family. So..YES! And besides...I wanted him to happen.
Home or hospital birth?: Hospital..
Natural or medicated birth?: Epi!
Who will be in the delivery room with you?: Everyone I can fit!
Will you breastfeed?: Yes.
Do you think you'll need a c-section?: No..
Will you cry when you hold the baby for the first time?: Probably.
What's the first thing you might say to him/her?: We will see..
Would you let someone videotape the birth?: Yes!!!
Are you excited about the birth, or scared?: Both, both!!!!

People say getting pregnant young ruins your life. You miss out on a lot. You no longer have a social life. It's all over. And that's usually the case. Well. Not the case for me. I didn't HAVE a social life to lose. I hardly even had what you could call a "life" at all. I had nothing to miss out on. I was going nowhere fast. I drank and smoked weed allll the time. Partied hard. Got totally wasted then went nuts because I couldn't handle my alcohol. And I wanted a baby more than anything. Finally, I took that test and got my wish, after thinking I was pregnant and turning out not to be like 3 consecutive months prior. If anything, it saved my life. If anything, I gained. I didn't lose. I lost nothing. If it weren't for my lovely fiance and my getting pregnant, I would have continued to spiral downward. I didn't care. I had nothing to try for. I had no reason to change. Other than for myself, but I just did not care. Now I DO care. And now I'm happy. My whole world now revolves around my new family. Me, the love of my life, our new little sunshine, and our two doggies. I was beyond all the teenage nonsense by the age of 17, (I'm now 18 ), and my fiance was beyond it at 15, (he's now 16). We weren't into the whole high school scene, the social scene, the who's friends with who and who's dating who and who's doing what and let's all gossip and small talk about nonesense and live in our hopeless little circles and think we have such big meaningful lives and think we know it all and talk trash all day and party like little rockstars. It was just all rediculous to us. We were more into growing up and getting into the REAL world, high school just didn't feel right. It felt like a bunch of kids sardined together is what it felt like. It was all just immaturity, and I'm not to say I'm fully matured myself, because I'm far from it. But then again, there are plenty of 40-somethings who still have a lot of maturing to do... Anyways. I'm just really glad I'm having a baby and getting away from the go-nowhere get-nowhere lifestyle. I've got my mind wrapped around my baby :)

For every doubt that you get, every negative person who tries to bring you down, every discouragment, and everyone who denys your ability... use each and every one of these people, their words, the comments they make, the negative energy they spew out, use it as rocket fuel, fuel to keep you going, and going strong.. You are a living example, an example of what people are, and how they cope with negativity. If everyone keeps seeing everyone break under pressure, then the vicious cycle will continue. This is what people will learn to expect out of life- if they say you can't, then you can't. And just about everyone encounters negativity, some more than others. If this is how the world views and values insignificant people's thoughts, then nobody is going to ever get anywhere! Be what you what to see. Be one of the ones who keeps at it, and never give up. Don't doubt yourself, no matter who or how many doubt you. Everyone is capable, it's just a matter of if you're willing.