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Age 26
Gender Female
Status Single
Work Cal State University San Bernardino Admissions and Recruitment
Location San Bernardino, California
Interest raising my child right in this crazy world!
Kids 2
23; Gemini
1boy; Jay'Lani MaKhai
1girl; Kali Amour
Lol they are exactly 2yrs && 2months apart
Jay is my xi.xi.x
Kali is my i.xi.xiii
California grown
Mary Jane loving mama but I'm an ex-toker (got other shxt to do)
Outspoken; very blunt; very opinionated; head strong; sometimes stubborn; can admit when I'm wrong!

I am a single mother
Kali was unexpected but i put my big girl panties on && owned up to my responsibilities; never went to my abortion appointment.
This was the worst experience of my life; stressed for 9 months but I love every effin thing about her.
She has a heart murmur which is something I'm not familiar with.
She has 10 toes; 10fingers so I can't complain :D

Jay is a rambunctious, tough and hard head little boy.
He's a boys boy for sure.
Dirt, grime && filth he loves it.
Bumps, scrapes && bruises he wears like a suit.
I hate it; makes me a nervous wreck.

Everything I do I do for them.