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Hey, My name is Nydia and im 18 years old. I lost a daughter to SIDS at 3 months old on xmas. I cant explain the pain or how miserable life is without her. I cant say much but that i hope no one ever goes through this, god bless you and all your babies. Cherish every moment. You may never get them back again :'(

My beautiful Daughter.
Rest In Peace Baby :( 9.21.1O - 12.25.1O

Dear Mikaela ,

I can write pages and pages about you but no one but me will ever know just how amazing you really were. Your laugh, your smile. I can tell you loved me and that was what i truely always wanted. I love and miss you so much, IDK why god would want to take you away from me. Especially on Christmas but i pray that it was in his plan and i MUST respect it. IDK what to do without you, i will never be okay. Im sorry and i mean so freakin sorry that i couyldnt protect you from this. I mean that was supposed to be my JOB as a mother. Nothing could have prepared me for this and for a lifetime without you. I cant even call what im living a life no more. Cus after you, there's no more me. I hope you knew just how deeply i loved you and how much i hold on and will never let go of the lil bit of memories i have with you. Everyday is a war for me, just to get through it. Pictures and videos are all thats left. I love you Mikaela, MOMMY loves you </3