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Age 24
Gender Female
Status Engaged
Work dunkin donuts
Location New York
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Due Oct 30, 2010 (girl)
The Name is Brooke and Im engaged to the love of my life Nicholas Joseph Kidder. Im young but I know what I want out of my life and Ive always dreamed of being a mom. We fully planned on becoming pregnant and cant wait to meet our little princess. We have yet to agree on a name. My family and friends are my life. I will be staying at home with this baby. I just cant stand the idea of being away from my child all day before she's even old enough for school. Maybe Ill go to work when she starts school. Probably not though, by that point Ill probbly have another one whos still little, possibly have # 3 on the way who knows lol. Well if you really wanna get to know me talk to me. Im always up for making new friends.

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