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big662473jpg.gif10330_102165879800701_100000218671497_62I have a beautiful son, Evan, who is, by far, the tangible culmination of the great things in life I am not. He is the better part of me, and his birth was my rebirth. I love him more and more each day, which seemed like an impossibility from the moment I laid eyes upon him.

I am a recently single mother. The decision to take a step forward was not easy, but I feel confident that I have made the right choice for Evan and I. He is my motivation for all that I do, and I have decided to continue my education and am pursuing a career as an RN after being a combat medic in the Army. It's a dream I am impatient to fulfill, but wish me luck in my endeavors!
Mama needs to get in shape! Evan's getting a littleeee too old for me to claim the baby weight any more, lol. Support me in my goals, I will need it! This is just the beginning, and shows how much weight I want to lose before my 23rd birthday on July 31st:


I am pretty laid back; my life revolves around school and my son, as it should. I have no time to waste with immaturity and drama--I've carried enough emotional baggage for too long. I am really looking forward to interacting with other people about our parenting experiences, as being a single mother can get a tad lonely at times. I can thank my sister-in-law, Stephanie, for getting me hooked on this site--now my work will NEVER get done!!!! Look forward to chatting with all of you :) Here's a couple more snapshots of my little man--the ONLY man I need!





<a href="http://pregnancy.baby-gaga.com/"><img src="http://tickers.baby-gaga.com/p/dev126pb___.png" alt="pregnancy calendar" border="0" /></a>

Expecting #2 in early May :) Found out I was pregnant the day before labor day thanks to some ULTRA-sore mammaries. Love this picture, taken 05 Oct 2010:


05 Sep 2010: Bought a First Response kit...and to my shock....POSITIVE on both accounts! Not quite sure when my LMP was, as I had been void of *ahem* for a year. However, 100% positive he/she was conceived 14 Aug 2010!
05 Oct 2010: First US (see above picture). A local free clinic performs them, and this was my first glimpse at my wee one. According to the nurse, she said I was measuring at 7 weeks 5 days, but that's not quite a possibility ;)
15 Oct 2010: First prenatal appointment scheduled (let's hope we can get our car fixed to get there!) Update: Everything went well! Had a brief glimpse at LO. They estimated the gestational age to be around 9 weeks 3 days, but I am convinced it's a bad CRL :) Baby's HR was 166 bpm....a little high, but nothing was mentioned. I absolutely love the OB. She has a nurse midwife and nurse practitioner on staff, which makes me even more elated! She is totally VBAC-friendly, so she knows we are going to be giving that a whirl. Had my blood drawn, and my next appointment is the 25th (which was oddly sooner than I anticipated, but I won't complain!) Still haven't told my father or most of the world yet......
25 Oct 2010: Second appointment scheduled! Update: Not a very fun appointment. The midwife wouldn't use the doppler to hear the HB because she said she didn't want me to experience anxiety if they couldn't find it. Needless to say, I was REALLY bummed. Had a PAP smear (ugh), and found out all of my blood tests came back normal (which is always nice to hear).
11 Nov 2010: Neural tube defect test and appointment scheduled. Update: Everything went swell! The baby FINALLY measured closer to the gestation I knew he/she was! 14 weeks 3 days. Below are some pictures :) I also had a blood test to correspond with the ultrasound, and results should be back in 5 days. I am not too worried, though, just thankful that i had the chance to see my LO. I rented a fetal doppler online, and it is by far the best purchase an expectant mom can make! I love being able to hear the HB whenever I desire.


18 Nov 2010: Gender scan 2D/3D scheduled for 1745! Woot woot :)


I seriously need to update this thing. When time permits! Here's my youngest, Ethan, who won third place in a CD cutie contest!