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Hey there :o)

I am a mommy to a three year old. I live in New York...state, not city. It is boring here. It snows. A lot. My daughter is funny, witty, charming. Yes, I brag. She is in her second year of ballet. She loves to dance.

I am married to the love of my life. He is not my daughter's bio dad. Her bio dad is not involved. I have gone through the whole court battle for so long. Then he walked out of her life when she was sick and in the hospital. My husband is a father to my daughter now. Soon we will look into him legally adopting her. She calls him daddy.

I work part time at a lame restaurant. Whatever. It's a little extra money. Gets me out of the house. I get to stay at home during the day with my kidlet.

I am sarcastic. Witty. Charming. Yes, just like my kid. So...don't take everything I say seriously. Life is too short to get butt hurt over things said on the internet.