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I am 22 years old from the UK. I am an alt mummy with M.E / Chronic fatigue syndrome.

I have a nearly 4 year old and I am expecting again :)

baby development

My insane labour story.



On the 24th Of May 2010. At 10:40 am. Mummy and Daddy saw their little bundle of joy on the screen. Looking ever so perfect. As soon as mummy saw it she went THAT'S A BOY. THERE'S HIS WILLY. And she was right. The midwife was like :shock: yeah... thats a boy alright. He is very well hung! Haha. He's so perfect in every way. He Was swallowing the fluid in the sac when momma saw him and he had stretched his legs RIIIGHHHTTT OUT and we saw all his muscles and his carvs and it was amazing! Very long baby. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH LITTLE MAN. YOUR SO PERFECT.