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hi there! My name is Victoria, and i have one gorgeous daughter named Raleigh. She was born on January 23rd, 2011 at 3:57 a.m. She weighed 7 pounds,8 ounces. I chose to put her up for adoption,because i know with me being a teenager still in highschool with a lot of things to deal with,and her father not being around, i knew i couldnt give her the life she deserves. I don't want her to grow up the way i did, so i sacrificed my heart and my feelings to ensure she has the best life ever. Her adoptive parents are a same-sex couple. Male. Theyre names are Michael and Matthew and love her more than ANYTHING in the world. We have a great relationship with eachother and i see her about every two months, and get emails with pictures from them every week. To say the least, we have a very open adoption. Which is wonderful, cause now i get to watch my angel grow (:
***Wanna see pictures? Ask or add my Facebook page. Sorry BG mamas but i've heard of woman and there children getting stalked and having there kids pictures taken and used by a fake member. I'm not taking any chances-be safe ladies***

tgtg2.png131963642419103.giffQftm4.png AFTH%20Logo_medium.jpeg This is me lol ;P
316275_307561012591020_100000113720391_1^My wonderful boyfriend drew this picture :)
He also drew this one of him and Raleigh <3


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