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*i'll decorate this shit later, i'm lazy right now*

obviously, i'm christian's momma
born & raised in southern california
i'm 19 years, will be 20 on december 19th, ee no longer a teenager!!
yes i am a teen mom, *omg*
i graduated high school, & i work two part time jobs, and still can't afford anything to show for it :[
eventually i want, & NEED to go back to college, for what? i do not know.
the situation with me and the baby daddy is uhhh.. complicated. VERY complicated. he's pretty much your typical loser. he's done so much shit that he shouldn't be forgiven for, but i'm an idiot in love and i do, sue me.
i'm the sweetest, yet bitchiest girl you could ever meet. i'll listen to your problems, and will hardly ever tell you mine. i trust too easily, and at the same time not enough. i'm outspoken to the point i get mad at myself everyday for saying stupid crap. all in all, i feel very alone in this world, like i have NOBODY. i've gone through hell and back, repeatedly. to tell you the truth i'm just trying to stay afloat, some days i feel like drowning.

if there's one thing that keeps me sane though, it's my pride and joy, mommy's little boy,
christian was born at 12:40 pm on december 8th, 2008, at 7 lbs, 9 oz.
he spent a week after birth in the nicu due to swallowing maconium and amniotic fluid
started rolling over at 4 months, crawling at 7 months, got his first tooth at 6 months, started walking at 17 months (lol i know, he was a slow learner on that area, we got it down pat now though!)
he's always been hyper, when he was in my tummy he moved all kinds, when he was born he moved all kinds, we called him mr. wiggle, he would just lay there and kick and kick and kick, move his arms all kinds, just havin a ball! lol and he still is hyper, runs everywhere now, & fast, constantly tripping and falling into things!
he's very little for his age, but it runs in the genes his dad and i are only 5'4!
everyone says he's a little comedian :] he's always making people laugh with his antics and his nonstop gibberish
he loves playing with animals, playing catch, being chased, playing with his toy cars&trucks, balloons, going for walks outside, the slide, oh and little girls! he will NOT play with little boys his age, only little girls! haha my little man's already and playerrrrr, don't hate.
oh, and if you get in between him and his mickey mouse clubhouse, there will be hell to pay. he will go ballistic on your ass, no joke.
oh & i don't really think you need to know what kind of parent i am, when i feed solids, if i do "attachment parenting" and all that crap, worry about what YOU do with you're child, and i'll worry about mine :] because in the end your opinion really isn't going to change shit, so why waste the time.