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I am 29 and married. Our little ones are growing so fast! We are soooo excited.

I had a wonderful first pregnancy and am enjoying my little squigles! Alexis Elaine Kelly mad her way to the world on March 15th 2011 at 7:18 p.m. My second wasn't as smooth as the first, lots of trips to l&d but in the end via elected c-section Kassandra Paige Kelly was born on November 15th 2012.

bunbunsrd20110315_-5_Alexis+is.png Alexis is now 3 years old, Kassandra is 1.5 and we are expecting our third baby due in July!

About Mom:

Mothers Name: Krystal Elaine Kelly

Age: 29

Birthday: 3/28/85

Birth Place: Monroe, Louisiana

Height: 5' 3"'


Fathers Name: Kyle Lee Kelly

Age: 28

Birthday: 4/06/86

Birth Place: Charlottesville, Virginia

Height:6' 3"


Are you with the baby's father?: Married and loving it!

Are you married?:yes

If together, how long have you been together?:8 years this december, married for 3


Is this your first pregnancy?: no 4th

How did you find out you were pregnant? could feel something was different, home test

What were your first symptoms?:

Who did you tell first?:

Who was with you when you found out? by my self first time with home test. then Our daughter at the dr office

Was baby planned?: no


What was your reaction?: "here we go again"

What was the baby's father's reaction?: reserved at first then excited

What was the parent's reactions?: surprised

What was friends and family reactions?: excited


Due date: July 28th

Do you want to know the sex? yes

Do you know the sex?: yes

If so, boy or girl?: Boy

Any names? we have a couple in mind

Ultrasounds?: Yes

Have you heard the heartbeat?

Baby's ethnicity? whiter than snow

Who do you think baby will look like?

Will baby have any siblings?: sissy Lexi and kassy

Will baby have their own room?: not sure

What is baby's nursery theme? neutral green bunnies

Have you and dad felt baby move? lol yea


What hospital will you deliver: University of Virginia

Who will be in the delivery room? the proud papa, 

Will you use medication?:

Are you scared about labor?: depends if i labor natually

Will you videotape or take pictures?: pictures

How will you react when you see baby? over joyed

What will you say?:come to mama


Did you have morning sickness?: sorta

Did you have any cravings? yeah potatos

Did you have any mood swings?: some

Are you a high risk pregnancy?:

Any complications?: none

Formula or breastfeeding?: breast-feed possible supplementing

Have you bought anything for baby yet?: no not buying till we know

When did you start to show?:

How long could you wear your regular clothes?

Are you excited?: of course

Who will help with baby after their born?: proud papa & my mom

What is your favorite thing about being pregnant?: knowing this is ours we created this with love and care

What is the worst thing about being pregnant?: not knowing how things are going constantly!