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Hey WeSt CrackiNg EarthLings.! My NamE iS Olivia. i LiVe in L.A. iM 18 and HaD my FirSt chiLd in AuguSt. i WaS Not ExspectiNg tO kEEp hEr bUt i aM Now. iM nOt With ThE bbY ddY. i nEvEr tOld hIm i WaS preGnaNt. wHen I fOunD oUt i WaS in ShoCk.! i fOunD oUt in JunE on ThE 4th. My LittO gIrL is GooD & ShE'S gEttiNg BiggEr eVerY wEEk. i GainEd 10 pOuNds thRouGhOut mY whOle PrEgNaNcY.


WeSt CRacKiNg PeOpLe! I'm BaCk! WiTh AnOtHeR oNe On ThE wAy. DuE oCtObEr 14th 2012. CaN't WaIt. I'm NoW GoNnA bE 20 wItH tWo KiDs WhO i lOvE tO DeAtH! I aM nOw MaRrIeD wItH mY SeCoNd BBy DDy. He'S CuRrEnTLy InCaRcerAtEd So I wiLl Be HaViNg ThIs BbY By MySeLf & I dO pLaN oN BeInG wItH hIm ThRoUgHoUt hIs TiMe In PrIsOn. I cAn & WiLL mAkE iT oN mY oWn.