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"A lot can happen in 24 hours, we were overjoyed one day with a healthy baby and crushed saying good-bye to our 'angel baby' the next. Never take life for granted because you never know what tomorrow will bring for you."


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7 weeks 5 days: Starting bleeding late this night, very little amount.
7 weeks 6 days: Starting bleeding a lot at 6:00AM. At about 10:45AM I went to E.R. for vaginal bleeding, did ultrasound and heartbeat was strong, baby move amazingly well. I saw our baby move and little heart moving too. Heartbeat was loud and very strong. I got discharged in 'improved' condition.
8 weeks: Went back to E.R. about 4:00AM for severe bleeding (clots and gushing blood at times). They said my cervix was still closed and sent me home. Went to OB/GYN appointment at 9:00AM same day. Appointment was going well until they noticed I was trying to hide that I was doubled over in cramping pain. Pain was 9/10 at times. (E.R said I was fine so I tried to act like I was). I almost fainted while filling out paperwork with a nurse at the OB/GYN appointment so they checked my vitals and they gave me a quick ultrasound. The doctor looked concerned, she looked at me and pointed to the screen and said there was no heartbeat anymore. I chose to go under for surgery to get our Angel baby removed. My ex-husband rushed off work and was with me every moment he could.