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Last Time I was on here, I was predicted to have a little girl, and because I didnt know the sex of my baby till he was born, yes I said he, Idk what to believe anymore, but this time fo sho, we will find out what LO will be. Yes I am very excited!


Azrael Xavier:
Pregnancy Time-line
07-26-10: HPT (5)
07-27-10: Walk in Pee test
08-04-10: ER visit
08-06 & 09-10: Hcg qn test
08-10-10 Another Er Visit
08-07 & 08 & 11-10 OB Visits
08-31-10 Offical Ob Appt

11-9-10 Ultrasound 18-19wk

03-30-11 Water Broke at 1:45 am
03-30-11 Emergency C-section, (foot breech) Born at 5:00 am

Expected Baby #2

Pregnancy Time-line
07-18-13: HPT (2)
07-19-13: Walk in Blood work
07-21-13: Lost, MC @ 5-6 wks.

Sadly, My big girl princess passed away, so I had to delete her doggie ticker :(