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Heyy! My Name is Tasha! 21 years old.
My husbands name is Julio! We got together back in Feb 2010. I do believe he's the love of my life! Been together a little over 3 years now! We've had our problems of hoes and jerks trying to break us up, but we to strong for that crap, we love each other very much! And plan on having an actually wedding in the near future! = )

Sad but blessed.
Julio and I got together in Feb of 2010. We didn't waste no time, and got serious real fast, and I become pregnant. With our first born and very loved son! We I found out I was pregnant with our little angel, I was very scared, I cried a lot, and a million things ran through my head, like how are we going to take care of a child, what am I going to do about college, etc... Julio and I thought so very hard on when we should do, aborting it was just out, never an option in our book. So do we keep the baby or put him/her up for adoption? But then I had a dream, my grandmother, she stood there, and we just looked at each other for awhile, holding what I still think to this day, was our little baby that was growing in my belly, and she told me "if God thought you wasn't ready for this gift, then he wouldn't have sent it to you." and after having that dream, its like Mommy mode kicked in. I started to eat better, take my meds right, and everything...and then...It was around 16-17 weeks I woke up, went to use the bathroom, and found that I was bleeding, so like every pregnant woman does when they're bleeding, I call my local hospital, they told me it was normal, to just inform my doctor at my next appointment. Which I did, he decided to do an ultrasound to check everything......and there was no heart beat. So many thing went through my head then, maybe God thought I wasn't ready, and that the baby my grandmother was hold, was my little one. After that the doctor gave me some meds to force the baby out, but even with the meds he/she didn't come out, so he had to do a dnc, where after that, we found out, out baby was a boy, which we named Jairo Sky! <3 Our little angel, BORN June 3, 2010! To this day I still cry, thinking I could have done something different, but the doctor informed me that there was something wrong with the baby, and that none of it was my fault, but me being a mother still thinks it was me, my fault...Shortly after this bad news, just a few weeks, we found out once again, we where pregnant, and the first thing I thought was my little Jairo missed his mamma and daddy so much, that God sent him back! = )) But I know that wasn't it, maybe Jairo seen how sad we where, so he asked God to help us smile again, and so God sent us him little brother! Zain Alexander, born March 21, 2011! 7lbs 7oz, full head of hair, screaming and crying, looking just like daddy! = ) Such an amazing feeling it is to give birth and hear that beautiful cry! The only time a mother smiles when her baby cries! We knew that we wanted to have more kids! So we decided after Zain turns the big ONE, we will try for another one, but just a few days before Zain's 1st birthday, we found out the was were expecting, again! Brayan Jeremiah, born October 19, 2012! 7lbs 31/2ozs! Full head of hair just like big brother, but he came out calm, not crying, and he looked just like mamma!! = )) We had a perfect little family! and are so very blessed! We once again to plan to start trying for another one, once Brayan turns the big ONE! = )) This is what we want, it might not be for everyone, but it's for us!
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