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I am 25 years old originally from Seattle, Wa living in Savannah, GA. Currently, I am am a chef. I attended Le Cordon Bleu Atlanta. I am a strong, independent young woman and has recently learned that it is ok to have a shoulder to cry on.
My life changed June 8, 2008. I had been in a year long abusive relationship, the latest beating, which was the worst was 2 in a half weeks prior to me finding out I was pregnant. The day I found I was pregnant, I first told my mother and confessed to here about the abuse I faced and whatnot. She advised me that the baby inside of me most likely was in grave danger. Knowing this, I felt getting an abortion would be best for me. Later that day, I went to Planned Parenthood and was told that I was 7 weeks pregnant. Therefore, the day I was getting an abortion, I would be 9 weeks! My due date was for January 24, 2008....When I went to DSHS to get a medical coupon, they told me I was only 5 1/2 weeks and was due February 14, 2008.
The day my abortion was scheduled, I arrived at Planned Parenthood alone and was told to wait. I waited until I talked to the specialist in which she asked me some follow up questions and told me to take these 2 huge pills for pain. I took them and then went to the social worker who asked me questions about me, and my by then ex boyfriend. I changed clothes and then they did a sonogram and told me I was really early in detecting my pregnancy. They told me I was only 3 weeks. The baby didnt even have a heartbeat yet. The put an IV in me and started the procedure. There was a little pressure but nothing I couldn't handle. It went so quick, I thought they were just setting up to start the process. Once finished, I went home and went to sleep.
From June 8, 2008 to recently, I've pushed this memory away. I've never properly grieved, because I dont know many people who identify with what I;ve been through. Ive acted like everything is ok & now I'm grieving like hell.
Though the abortion was my choice, I feel like, if I wasn't abused, I would have kept the baby and in my mind, my child is an angel baby. </b></i>

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<i><b> I need support to get through this even though its been a while since that day.It's so hard, especially smiling and acting like everything is ok. Because its not. I am the point where I am ready to have a child.