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My name is Jewl, mumm to Molly Magnolia.
001.jpgl.jpgI gave birth to my little 'nolia 100% natural and in a tub! Im so proud of myself. I spent 80% of my labor time at home(4 or 5 hours) laying in bed listening to soundscapes with a cold towel on my face just taking deep breathes it was like i felt no pain but more happiness my baby was on her way!. By the time i got to the hospital i was 6cm dialated. They broke my water for me and i got right in the tub. My baby daddy was right there with me massaging me the whole time. I cant still remember that day like it was yesterday :)
This book gave me all my strength and i recommend it to everyone

Molly was born on July 25 2009. at 1:44pm
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I am a HOOPER. i have been hooping everyday for over a year now and ill never look back. I found bliss inside my hoop, its become part of who i am.
My roots are my history... My history is my soul... My spirit... My spirit is music... My history is inside my body down to my nude feet... My expression is a circle of energy up there as a silver goddess, down here as a woman human body with a shadow of truth and love. Pure shadow, pure roots...pure wisdom. Movement and love inside my hoop.
388106_195142903899284_100002107282064_4I go by Jewl and I will be 21 in January. I have weird fairy ears and I have a kindred spirit. I love being a mom, my daughter is the apple of my eye. I dance everywhere I go, and I love learning!

Diamonds-1.jpg This is my SO, Brian. We are not perfect and we have no problem admitting it. He's my other half, and i am forever grateful to have met him.
171.jpg390304_202710969809144_100002107282064_4A couple that plays WoW together, stays together. this is us lol
55.gifngm.png302177_180522895361285_100002107282064_32008.pngthank you to all the mamas who have helped me on here and gave me such fun and usefull information and advice! :)

She is the center of my universe!
I cant believe how fast she has grown <3