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I have a love hate relationship with money.

I was named after both my Grandmothers Katherine and Pearl my mother's name was Annie.

Personality Profile

People like you are rare; you are a unique and creative person who prizes individuality. Private, quiet, and socially cautious, only friends who know you very well probably see your more playful and expressive side, and it may take you awhile to feel comfortable with new people. Inside, you are a person of great feeling and you care deeply for the people and causes that are dear to your heart. Your personal values are most important to you so you always try to make choices that you feel good about. And you are rarely willing to compromise on anything that is really important to you. You can sometimes become overwhelmed by the intensity of your emotions, and your relationships need to be free of conflict or tension for you to remain in them.

You are also a highly imaginative person and may enjoy expressing yourself through the arts. But since you are also somewhat of a perfectionist, you may have trouble hearing constructive criticism without taking it personally. You are quick to understand the deeper meaning of things, and you often have a fresh or original take on events and people. Since you are essentially spontaneous and casual, you resist too many rules or too much structure. But you may also have trouble staying organized or making decisions. At heart, you are a non-conformist and must find the path that is really right for you, even if it means striking out alone.
note: I had to take this for college they got it right.