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dev234pr___.png~~~~~~~~~Pregnant with Fraternal Twin Boys!~~~~~~~~~

Hi, My name is Shantell and Im a very happy, weird and very open person lol.
Me = 23years old, Pcos, Overweight
Hubbster = 26years old, low sperm count.
I first got pregnant at the age 17, didnt know I was pregnant until 3 months. I was puking my entire life out lol. Found out it was a girl, I named her Julia Sara-Marie. I wanted a boy, but fell in love with her anyway.. but exactly 5 months I had a miscarriage. She was alive for an hour before she passed. My lil warrior.

Since then I have been stupidly trying to replace her, when thats not the reason to have a baby. Though I was young and I missed her so much even though I wasn't ready for everything. The father didn't want her, but still wanted me. I left him a few months after I lost my daughter, Time to put away childish things. I always wanted to be a mommy, and have a loving father who wanted to be there because he loved them not because court made him.

I have been in a few relationships since a year after losing my daughter. Trying naturally to get pregnant again. It never happened. I was trying naturally, and using herbs and lubes. So after trying 4 years, I accepted it and moved on to better myself and my life. After a few horrible relationships, I wanted to be single. About a few months after a 3 month relationship that was so doomed, I posted an Ad on craigslist to meet just a friend or companion to hangout with.

Should I say love is found in weird places lol and met a sweet, adorable guy named James. We hung out for 2 weeks and loved eachothers company. So decided to date.
It was fast but you live and learn, Im a sucker for love and each person deserves a chance.

We dated for a year, moved in about 6 months and I couldnt picture my world without him in it. It all went so fast but we have a love that seems everlasting..
386061_2112590656337_1522059651_n.jpgLiterally lol Through every fight or anything at the end of the day we are cuddling in bed lol. To this day we live together, we started talking about kids, and how we both wanted to be parents.

Well after a year and 2 months of trying naturally, I was ready to give up my being a mommy dream.
2 months ago, I tried clomid for the first time and got pregnant.. All i could manage to think or say was "omg" lol

Because after trying for 4 years, I felt defective or broken or tainted. Destined to always want a to be a mommy but it always be outside my grasp. I didnt believe it for about 2 weeks until I got an ultrasound. To feel like nothing was wrong with me anymore made me feel great enough. I was happy.

I know I shouldnt be happy right now due to possible miscarriage reasons, but Im not gonna let that ruin the fact that I am capable of being pregnant and that I am pregnant! Hey, I made it this far!

Well turns out I had bad side pain and ectopic pregnancy quickly entered my brain. I went to the ER to see if it was and possibly end the pregnancy as to not cause damage or death.

Well after test and etc, I found out I was pregnant with TWINS. Fraternal twins, one on the left and one on the right, no ectopic.
182330_3249192430671_1545967527_n.jpg(That was kinda his face when he found out. lol )

As excited as I was, ... I didnt expect twins, I actually only wanted ONE. So scared, I cried that night, I was terrified, What if Im not a good enough mom? What if I don't do enough, what If I can't make my babies happy?

Defintely made me worry more and whatnot. But God gives us what he knows we can handle, so after being scared for a week (lol) the love of my life assured me that we will be great parents, we will do everything and more for our beloved love babies.

So to this day, I am 14 weeks 5 days pregnant with twins. Had severe morning sickness, have been hospitalized once overnight and im doing a bit better now.
I have seen my babies grow and jump around (Inside of me via ultrasound) and I never thought I could love someone so much that Ive never met.
I'd give my life for them.

I am not having these precious babies to replace what I lost anymore. I am having these babies because I believe I am ready to be a mom, take on new challenges, and because I love them. They make me so happy. I hope carry to term this time and be able to spend my life with my love babies.

I am a fraternal twin, having fraternal twins and as scared as I am, couldnt be happier. Im scared, nervous and most of all, Im happy. <3

This is my world lol I wouldnt want it any other way.
So to all the ladies having miscarriages and crying every night and hurting so much and feeling defective, NEVER give up.
Fight for as long as you can, any dream is possible.

"NO Purpose is lost if there is BUT ONE man willing to fight for it."

★First Trimester★
4 Weeks - ❤Finished!
5 Weeks - ❤Finished!
6 Weeks - ❤Finished!
7 Weeks - ❤Finished!
8 Weeks - ❤Finished!
9 Weeks - ❤Finished!
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11 Weeks - ❤Finished!
12 Weeks - ❤Finished!
★Second Trimester★
13 Weeks - ❤Finished!
14 Weeks - ❤Finished!
15 Weeks - ❤Finished!
16 Weeks -❤Finished!
17 Weeks- ❤Finished!
18 Weeks - ❤Finished!
19 Weeks - ❤Finished!
20 Weeks - ❤Finished!
21 Weeks - ❤Finished!
22 Weeks - ♡❤Baking...
23 Weeks - ☆Preheating..
24 Weeks - ☆Preheating..
25 Weeks - ☆Preheating..
26 Weeks - ☆Preheating..
★Third Trimester★
27 Weeks - ☆Preheating..
28 Weeks - ☆Preheating..
29 Weeks - ☆Preheating..
30 Weeks - ☆Preheating..
31 Weeks - ☆Preheating..
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