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Age 31
Gender Female
Status Married
Work Health Information Management
Location Palm Bay, Florida
Interest painting, decorating, learning, reading, movies
Kids 2
Due Mar 05, 2011 (boy)
I work in a hospital in health information management (patient records, analyzing.. woohoo..hah). My family is most important to me and I've even given up jobs to be home with my boys! I live in Florida but hate the heat, can't wait to escape to somewhere with seasons. I love decorating and painting when I have some time to myself, but I prefer to play soccer or Wii with my husband and boys :)

Married to DH since 3/31/07

Mommy to
Michael : 7/15/04
Jacob: 9/13/07
one yet to meet : due 3/6/11

~* The Mommy Survey *~
{{This is about baby # 3, the reason I am on this site. Will add for the other two later if I get time }}
Was your bundle of joy a surprise?: No, we were TTC
How long did it take for you to realize you were pregnant?: about 2 weeks
Where were you when you found out?: in the bathroom :)
Who were you with?: myself
Was adoption or abortion an option?: No way
How did you tell the Dad?: Walked out crying with the test "uh..honey..." then smiling Were you married at the time?: Yes
If not did you get married because you were pregnant?: N/A..
Where was the baby conceived?:at our house

Yours?: Ecstatic!
Dads?: sam as mine
His Parents?: They didnt seem happy at first, said it was just the "shock"!
Your parents?: excited
Siblings?: my sister was happy after we told her it's what we wanted and his 2 sisters had a hard time dealing with the fact we have a third child on the way
Friends?: excited , some were incredulous that we were on baby # 3 because a lot of them are just having their first.

Pregnancy ~ Answer what I can currently
Did you like being pregnant?: Most of the time..
Did you want to wait to find out the sex?: We are finding out at 16 weeks, Sept. 22, 2010 Did you have any complications?: None so far aside from sciatica, but that's pretty normal.
Did you crave anything?: Fruits and mints Did you sleep alot?: In the beginning I couldnt sleep enough! I'd like to sleep more, but with 2 other kids that's a big laugh .
how were you?:Very emotional, in the crying sense, but otherwise pretty normal. LOL Did the dad support you?: Yes, most ofthe time. They tend to lose patience by the third time around LOL
Did you have any mid night cravings?: haha as if I could stay awake til midnight!
Would you do it again?: I would, but this is the last one...

Labor and Delivery - Check back in March 2011!
What were you doing when you went into labor?:
Did you get drugs?:
Who drove you to the hospital?:
Vaginal or C-section?:
How long?:!
If you got drugs, how long were you in labor until you got them?:
Was it as bad as everyone said?:
What did you think the first time you realized it was "almost time" for him/her:
What did you think the first time you heard him/her cry?:
Your first reaction whe you saw him/her?:
Dads first reaction?:
Who was the first person to come and visit you?:
How long did you stay?:

Post Partum- All Blanks til March 2011 !
What was the first day home like?:
Did you have any trouble?:
How long did it take you to recover?:
Did anyone come to visit?:
Did you let just anyone hold the baby?
How did Dad do?:

About the Baby - Check back in March 2011
What is it like being a mommy?:
Is your baby difficult or easy?:
How old is your baby now?:
Boy or Girl:

Memories - Check back in March 2011
Favorite pregnancy memory?:
Worst pregnancy memory?:
Funniest pregnancy memory?:
Scariest pregnancy memory?:
Favorite Labor memory?:
Worst Labor memory
funniest pregnancy memory?:
Scariest labor memory?:
Favorite postpardum memory?:
worst postpartum memory?:
Funniest postpardum memory?:
Scariest postpardum memory?:
Favorite baby memory?:
Funniest baby memory?:
Worst baby memory?:
Scariest Baby memory?:

Parenting - Check back............ :)
Do you parent by the book?:
Are you a worrier?:
Do you have the pediatrician on speed dial?:
Have you ever called the doctor late at night?:
Hows dad?:
Do you constantly read articles about how your baby SHOULD be developing?:
! Has your baby left your side yet?:
Do you have your baby on a strict schedule?:
Do you think your a good mom?:
Is the dad a good dad?: DSC02604.jpg14.gif