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I'm Kymberly.. I am twenty two years young, I got married to my high school sweet heart Joseph on April 11th '09, We have a five year old beautiful daughter, named Heather Elizabeth! <3 Born 2/21/08.

I found out I was pregnant 11/4/12 & then found out 11/7/12 i started bleeding then on 11/8/12 i found out I was having a miscarriage. So we are going to try again, soon.

rip lil our angel. <3 We are going to light a candle every year on July 6th to remember our lose of this baby. You will always be remembered.

We are expecting our second child finally! (: Found out I was pregnant 4/26/13!!! (:

I am Due December 29th 2013 I am 3 months as of tomorrow! (: 6/16/13!!

I am now 14 weeks and 2 days witch is 4 months! (: 7/1/13

I am now 19 weeks and on tuesday 8/6/13 we will know the sex of our baby! (:

I am now 20 weeks and we are having a BOY!! :) His name is Jayden Joseph <3

I am 26 weeks and 4 days toady! (: I am getting ready for my baby shower in a few weeks! I'm super excited to get more baby stuff for my little boy! (: <3

I am 29 weeks pregnant (: & I am having my baby shower this weekend! & I can NOT wait to find out what Jayden is going to get! (: <3