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Age 21
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Status Married
Work SAHM/Photographer
Location Iowa
Interest Walking, Horseback Riding, Swimming
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Due Apr 18, 2015
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b69fa322307ff4960cac0711fe033ece.jpgIm a small town country mama. I wouldnt be able to handle the big city. Im much too inlove with my fresh air, wide open spaces and the sight of fields all around me. I live my life to the very fullest! Im an easy person to get along with, but if you wanna be a b***h to me, ill be one right back. Ive made my fair share of mistakes. We are just human, after all. 


dannyjr_zps1897c099.pngnhjhk_zps3c2d0bf5.jpgHe is my best friend. He brings out all the good in me. Hes given me everything & more. Im not sure what id do without this boy in my life. He is such an amazing, hardworking person & deserves nothing but the best. I try everyday to give him all my love and more. Weve been through everything that is meant to tear a couple apart and always came out stronger, closer and more inlove. I thank God every day that he blessed me with just a great husband!
1238122_10151841906679441_1416173964_n_zkjkjk_zps2df4b711.jpgrGP1m5.pngkashbaby_zpsdce4fa9c.pngDSC00234_zps2c8e4662.jpgHe is nothing less than our precious little miracle. He is so perfect! After trying for a baby for over a year with one loss and a terrible situation with our relationship we were blessed with him. There is no better feeling than being a mom <3