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Hi my name is Elizabeth and im 20. I am a mother to a lil boy. He was born in december 2010. I was 2 weeks early. He weighed 7 lbs even & measured 21 inches long. Im a high school graduate planning on starting college soon. Im married to a good guy. his name is Russell. He's graduating in may from appalachian state university. He'll be graduating with a degree in health education. Like any relationship we have our ups & down but we try to get through it for our lil boy. I honestly never thought that i would be a mother at the age of 18. I always thought i would be going out with friends, partying, getting ready for prom and college. But instead im at home taking care of the best baby ever. I dont regret my son at all. Im glad i had him. He has made me change so much. I wouldnt change anything. I was pregnant again with my second child but i lost it on the worst day ever. April 13 2012. Even though i was only seven weeks i was in love with my unborn child. At times its hard to get over the loss of my child. I can't talk to my husband about it because he gets to upset. So i deal with it on my own. I just pray every day that god allows me to be a good person so that when it's my time to go i can be reunited with my child.