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Hello! My name is Sabrina, I have a 2 year old son & a great husband!
I am starting to get on here a little bit more now! Usually on Facebook & twitter more :)

I am a Independent Distributor for IT WORKS! I sell those "crazy wrap things" :lol:

Here are my personal results with the wrap, Mind you I have only wrapped 3 times!
I still have one more wrap to do! From my pacakge so we will see!! But so far I am in love with my results!

Even if you are pregnant there are tons of products IT WORK sells that you can benefit from! Just as me how!!

Afraid you wont get your body back after baby?! No need to worry, just a couple of wraps can fix that and help tighten up that skin after baby! You can even wrap if you are breast feeding, all ingredients are botanicals! Here is a client that had multiples, and just with 4 wraps after babies, she is on her way back to that sexy body! Message me for more info! 480406_379373175494218_1320711034_n.jpg