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Wow im 18! I feel pretty old. But im not. Im very blessed to even be alive. Im proud to say im adopted and I love every thing about my life. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I know how hard being lied to is.I was lied to for 16 years.My mom and dad just now told me the truth that I was adopted and it killed me and tore me to a million pieces.But now I am over it and im use to it. Yes I know my real mother but I dont want anything to do with her.I look at it like this "Why come into my life after 17 years?" So I just let my life go on. The love of my life is 15 months old. I had him April Fools 2010.Hes my world.Ahh I couldnt even think of life without him. I love everything about me and my life.I dont judge anyone!

April Fools 2010 baby. .Call him Chumpy .

The labor story:)...lets forget the pain and get to the pushing cause it was painful. Early morning of April Fools Day 2010 my doctor comes in and says 3 more CM you will be pushing.That was just about an hour before i began to push. I pushed for almost 1.5hr. At the time where my son was almost out the doctor said stop,grab is arms,pull him out,i did.My baby daddy/boyfriend cut the cord.We cried together.Our 1st son.We couldnt even think right we was in full shock.He went out and told everyone that Chumpy was here and was healthy.Everyone thought it was an April Fools joke but he took pictures of him so they wouldnt try that. My mom,dad,sisters,brothers,his family all waited to see him.They couldnt believe there 16 year old sister and soon to be in law was a mommy.But they got use to it. Everyone held him then it was my turn to hold him and talk to him. I told him "Chumpy mama will never lie to you,ill give you all your needs and more,ill care for you,hold you when your sick and when your crying,mommy will be there when you first go to school,ill be there for the first of everything.But please dont bring a girl home and think shes about to have your kid because mommy will kick your butt and make you leave her.Promise mommy." Ahh thats all i can remember with our first talk.

I write poems in my blog. Its all from my brain. I love to write its something that relaxes me.If you want me to write a poem for you just PM me and let me know what you want it to be about..but here is my blog