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Age 26
Gender Female
Status Married
Work Dunkin Donuts
Location Windsor, Vermont
Interest Singing, Writing, Dancing, Playing with my kiddos, Watching them grow & learn. etc...
Kids 35
Due Mar 04, 2013 (boy)
This is me
Samantha I also go by Sammi or Mommy. Im 23 years young. Im a high school drop out But My GED is all done :) I have moved around my whole like but i currently live in Windsor, VT & enjoying it every much! I have lived on my own on & off since I was 17 years old. I have 3 beautiful babies [Lilliann, Aubrey, & Cayden] & one little Boy Mason Scott Shumway on the way :) I am also married to my best friend Michael. Im a very easy person to get along with. I love to sing, write, & dance. but most of all I LOVE TO BE A MOMMY

10505_10152155266520181_1011494933_n.jpg♥Mason Scott Shumway♥
I'm Having my last child. He is due March 5th, 2013. We are naming him Mason. Im so happy to be having 2 girls & 2 boys. This making my family complete. I cant wait till he is here :)

27.gif422098_10151382281830181_1802195948_n.jp ♥Lilliann.Marie.Clark♥
This would be my first born Lilliann Marie She was born on Feb 14th, 2007 @ 6:48am so that makes her 5 years old. She kept me strong when I didnt think i could go on anymore but just one look at her she makes everything better. Her & I have been though a lot since she was born she has not had her real father in her life & i didnt want it that way at all. I know how it was & I didnt like it one bit. But she is a strong, smart little girl & Im so happy where we are right now in our life. Love you Buggaboo
twin-miracles.gif539285_4457411509045_1853575152_n.jpg ♥Cayden.Austin.Shumway♥
This is my youngest child & my only boy! Cayden Austin He was born March 13th, 2009 @ 12:12am. You are such a mommys boy & that is no dout! I love you so much. you have showed me i can do anything possible. i love how every morning you call mommy! & you make my day brighter with ever smile! Love you Bubba Boi

190350_4729032068783_1638738915_n.jpg ♥Aubrey.Lynn.Shumway♥
& last but not least this is my middle child Aubrey Lynn. She is my other twin. She was born March 12th, 2009 @ 11:06. She is the BIGGEST daddys girl in the world. If hes not around she gives me the hardest time EVER! but i know she still loves me as much as her daddy. I love when she is sick she wants nothing to do with daddy cuz she knows mommys knows what to do! we still have our good times when she only wants me. shes still my little princess even tho shes daddys little girl. Love you cupcake!

33491_10150237679620181_1507076_n.jpg ♥[Michael Shumway & Samantha Shumway 05.08.09-FOREVER]♥
married-best-friend.pngThis would be my WONDERFUL husband ♥ Michael Scott Shumway! You are the love of my lyfe. We have had your up & down, plenty of fights, but what relationship doesnt. Our love is really strong that it keeps bring us back to each other. I love you unconditionally that there are no words to describe how much you mean to me! your everything & more to me. you have showed me what true love is & yes sometimes you have to fight for it. & Im here forever babi. Im not going anywhere in life without you! your the air i breath, the only thing i feel, the one thing i really believe in! I love you so much babi & i wanna be with you forever! YoU ARE MY EVERYTHING! I love you ♥ We got married on my 20th birthday [05.08.09] We have been married for 3 years & Im planning on spending the rest of my life with this man!