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Age 23
Gender Female
Status Married
Location California
Kids 1
I'm Tiffany <3 My husband is Brandon <3 Our son is Lincoln

I love: animals, rainbows, overcast weather, coloring, photography, Asian movies, old country music, thrift stores, manga, Fatal Frame, cross stitching, knitting, reading, being barefoot, tattoos, water, rice.

I don't love: cigarette smoke, people who call themselves hot, sexy, etc., ants, rain, my kidneys, when people sing songs they don't know the words to, zodaic tattoos, tramp stamps, facial piercings.

This is me on a good day. =D

My husband and I met when we were in 7th and 8th grade. Fell in love our last year of high school and married a year after graduating. My best friend, through major down and wonderful ups. He is a dorky nerd, and I love it. He's the kind of guy who can look cute around everyone, but completely sexy in the bedroom. ;) He is Brandon.

Our son, Lincoln, was born February 15th, 2009. The most beautiful, tiniest little baby I have ever seen. Our world was not complete until he was born. He's so smart, sometimes it gets him into trouble. He loves to read, watch Elmo, Toy Story and Shrek, wear his rain boots, kiss babies, wearing daddy's work hat, climbing everything he can.

Our big boy is now 2 years old. We sang Happy Birthday to him a dozen times and
he didn't care for it at all! He's an awesome little person and I can't wait (really, I can)
to watch him grow up and see the person he becomes. He's remarkable.

This is us at his second 2nd birthday party. <3 Just a sweetie.