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Age 32
Gender Female
Status Married
Location USA
Due Dec 29, 2012 (boy)
What do you want to know, I'm Pretty,Pretty Smart Pretty talented Pretty funny and Pretty entertaining.
I love life, though it doesnt love me sometimes,
I try to do whats right but fail epically.
I sing wayyy off key! I dream so hard I think its real.
I curse at the oddest of moments. I smile when I'm about to cry, I read in the dark, I sleep with my Laptop.
I need to feel needed, I love babies but not sure my body loves me enough to give them to me. I sleep to escape, I awake to return to where every thought its not as nice as the escape. I can taste feel and see all the people who make who I'am the Pretty funny girl you see before you. amazed with life and easy to learn and and progress and move foward with my life. I have met the man of my dreams, he has seen me at my worst and knows me at my best. He smiles when there is no reason to smile, he puts hope where there is no hope. He wipes away the tears.He causes the tears, He make me sad he make me glad. I await him where he goes, I see him clear as day in my dreams. He isnt perfect but to me he is. I love every flaw. I see him dream him, I see him cry. I see him fight I see him never leaving my side. They say dealth do us part? I think a bond like ours goes beyond.
I will never forsake you.

I love you . ( Wink)