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Age 21
Gender Female
Status Single
Work Sophomore in High School
Location Hanover, Indiana
Interest Whatever normal 16-year-old girls are normally interested in. ;]
My name is Sarah, but I like the spelling Sera better. ;]
I don't like to talk to people most of the time, but when I feel like it you won't be able to get me to shut up. ;]
I love to write. That seems to be the only thing I'm capable of doing.
I love going to school. I know weird comming from a 16 year old, but I absolutly hate missing school. I feel like I got screwed out of that day. lol

I'm a grammar nazi. I can't stand when people TaLk Lik3 Dizz or misspell things on purpose. If you really don't know how to spell something, that's fine, but don't make yourself look stupid on purpose.


I think more people should "think green" and try to help the enviornment as much as possible. :]
thinkgreen.gifI don't currently have children, nor do I plan on having any soon. However when I do decide to have kids, or it just happens, I have chosen Lucas Gavin Smith for a boy and Aspyn Mae Smith for a girl. No, I don't want my future kids to have my husbands/boyfriends/babydaddy/some-hobo-on-the-street/sperm doner's last name, I want them to have my last name.

I can't say my parenting skills will be the best, but I don't want some random stranger to come up to me and tell me what they think I'm doing wrong with my own child(ren) when I eventually have kids. I am not going to say how I plan on parenting my child because chances are it's going to change a million times before then, as I don't plan to have children until sometime between 2018 and 2021. I will be turning 24 at the end of 2018. Which, if you do the math, means I'm 16 years old now, thus why I'm waiting until 2020 to have a kid. lol ;] I think what would be AWESOME is if I were to have a baby on December 25, 2018. That would be really amazing. ;]

I'm really just here to hang out, get to know people and be someone to talk/complain to if needed. I guess I don't have a real excuse to be here except for just to make some friends, give advice if needed [which I don't think I'm qualified for since I don't have a baby, but if you want it]. I like being a "line spotter", giving opinions on a name, and just drifting around in the fourms.

Oh, and I love to say the word "amazing". lol