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Hi BG! My Name is Jennifer. I have 2 kids, Trenton he's 2 and Allison she's New! Im Happily Married to the Love of my Life! Been together for 6 happy Years! We got Married 1 week before my Son was born in 2009! Im a stay at home mother and couldn't be more Happier..although my Son can drive me crazy at times!!! Having My kids is the Best Life Changing Experience I would Not Change for Anything! I'm here to give and get Advice, meet new moms, So if you think im someone you can talk to feel free to Pt me!


That's Trenton, He stole my Heart, On February 21, 2009 At 2:21am! He Has made the me the person I am today! Every Morning he wakes up with A Big Smile on his Face with lots of love and Good Morning's! He's What puts a Smile on my face everyday(along with his sister now) He is All boy, All about getting Dirty, and trying to do what Daddy does! he always up for Learning new things! He is The Boy I cant live Without!