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ttc-1.pngdsc03527k.jpgI'm Mikey, 22 years old and currently residing in the San Diego area. I have an AA in Elementary Education and am near completion of my bachelor's degree. I had my life planned out for ages, but when I reconnected with my sailor in college, we hopped on the fast track to marriage and a life of our own, and all my plans changed. I wouldn't take it back if I had a chance. I'm happy, healthy, and blessed to have the life that I do. I have great parents, the most amazing sisters-in-law, and of course a handsome husband that I adore.

I believe that we are all where we should be. Every breath takes us where we need to go, and in the end everything works out just as it should. I still stress, worry, and freak out about stuff from time to time, but I try to remind myself always that this too, shall pass.