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Age 27
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morb.gif?t=1295196694my name is Jessica But most people call me Jessie for short .
im 23 and from Acworth G.A.
I love my Life and Believe life is what we make of it "Its all love and good times".
I was given this life because I was strong enough to LiVE iT! !
Im not perfect, not even close actually: no one is. I always learn my lessons the hard way. My judgement isn't always for the best and I don't always make the right decisionns - but it's done with a good heart , and the best of intentionns.Things just always seem to fall into place for me Despite what everyone seems to think.
Im a very sweet, up- beat ,down to earth ,funny,kinda person
always love meeting new people and making friends.
Iv been with the man of my dreams for almost 4 years now. we have been TTC .we both new right away we had alot of love to give and why not to a tiny beautiful miracle .so hopefuly sooner or later we will have the baby of our dreams.
That's a little about me.

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