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October 25th 2012 - I am 19 weeks ish today. We were in an unfortunate situation and ended up homeless until a couple weeks ago. I havent had any prenatal care other than an ER visit at 13 weeks when I woke up in a puddle of blood. The baby was thankfully just fine but I may possibly have placenta previa type 1. I can feel the baby doing summersaults and pushing little feet out. I can feel faint feet shapes through my belly. My nearly 2 year old son pokes my belly and say "baby? baby?" He likes other kids, except for bossy ones, so hopefully he will be very excited when his sibling is actually here. Hopefully we will find out the gender soon and how the baby is developing.

February 22, 2012 - Yesterday they found no heart beat and this morning I began we are no longer expecting.

February 20, 2012 - We just found out we are pregnant with our second child. I am nine weeks along and we have our first ultrasound tomorrow. I want another boy. I was a tomboy growing up so playing with my son is easy and fun, and brothers would be adorable.My son loves playing with other kids so Im hoping when the baby comes in September (Due Sept. 22) He will be excited rather than jealous. This baby was not planned, we knew we wanted another baby soon but we didnt feel financially available to start trying again...I guess fate had other plans :)
January 14th 2011 - Wow...just gave birth last night to the most amazing little boy. He is so beautiful and I love how much he looks like his handsome daddy. My husband was amazing and supportive and watching him cry as he watched me pull our son onto my chest as I delivered was breath taking. Luckily we had a photographer to capture the whole thing, he even cried! Awww...
January 13th 2011 - I'm a a beautiful, amazing little boy...I thought I loved my husband with all my heart...then Avi was born and it was like I grew a whole other just for loving him...I keep waiting for someone to come thru the door saying "Thanx for babysitting!" and take, this one is mine. I gave him life, carried him safely in my belly, then reached down grabbed his arms and pulled him to my chest...mine

6lbs 4ozs, 18 3/4 inches, full head of thick dark brown hair, 9:40 pm, January 13th 2011

October 7th 2010 - 6 months pregnant - "I'm happily married to my gorgeous husband Alan, and am pregnant with our first child. I'm so excited and so happy. I've had a difficult pregnancy (I've been sick a lot, but luckily my little boy has been swimming around unaware) and am ready to be done! LOL! My husband is the cutest, it seems as though every time he goes out he comes home with a new outfit or toy for the baby. His excitement is reassuring and I know he is going to be an amazing dad. I let him pick the first name and I got the middle name(s). My sons name is Avram (Avi) Hamilton Lawrence Madden, and I love it. Avram is Hebrew for Abraham (my husband is Hebrew), Hamilton is my husband's middle name, and Lawrence was my grandfather's name (RIP). I am so excited to see his beautiful face and being able to actually hold him and touch his sweet face. I definitely want to breastfeed, if my body allows, I always found it such a beautiful part of motherhood to watch a woman breastfeeding her baby. We are lucky and grateful for a BIG, healthy, strong baby boy. We can't wait to welcome him into the world with an abundance of love!"