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I have the most amazing little girl...Izabella Renee! I love her more then words could ever say! I am also an Army wife and I love the life! *Update April 2nd,2012* I am really wanting another baby and I guess I have for a little while now. My husband isn't ready just yet, he is wanting a bigger house first which I understand. It is just hard waiting. More for the reason that I don't know how long that is going to take. I told him tonight I will give him a year and a half from today so we shall see what happens. The IUD seems to be coming out on its own so I will be getting it removed and put on a different birth control here soon. I am also hoping to loose weight before I get pregnant with the next one. I am right at what I was when I got pregnant with my last but I am hoping to lose more. But according to my husband I have plenty of time lol.