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My Hard Road Traveled...

I am 35 years old and have been with my wonderful husband Michael for about 14 years now and married for 7 of those years.

We waited to have kids because we wanted to be ready and in a good place... well I wish we wouldn't have waited so long... In Aug of 2010 we started trying and found out we were pregnant in Nov of 2010. We were so excited. My friend was also pregnant at the time and was due in May. In Dec while at work I started to have some pink spotting right before Christmas and they took me in to do a ultrasound. We heard the baby's heartbeat but was told we should expect to miscarry because the heartbeat was below 90 :( I was devastated!!! They had me wait 2 weeks to come in again and check to see if there were any changes. Christmas passed, I had no more spotting or bleeding and thought baby would be just fine. When I went in there was no heartbeat, missed miscarriage... and so it started. I had a DNC end of December and we tried again.

February 2011 I got pregnant again... and loss baby almost immediately (chemical pregnancy) :shock: I had no clue what was going on and why I couldn't keep my pregnancy's. I started to get really worried. Hubby & I tried again, we said one more time before we went through the rigorous tests and blood work that they wanted to do.

June of 2011... again we were pregnant, I kept thinking 3rd times a charm but again we loss the baby in July. I started heavy red bleeding at 6 weeks.

They did all the blood work and tests and the only thing that came back was that I had MTHFR homozygous A1298C - a blood clotting disorder. I was put on a cocktail of daily Baby Aspirin, Folgard, and special prescribed prenatal (PNV-Select). My hubby and I waited a month or so before trying again I think because we were scared and when we did start trying again it took a while.......

But finally in January of 2012...... tada!!! I got pregnant and I am now almost 16 weeks along. The farthest by far that I've been. Baby Goldstein seem's to be doing great and I have had 3 ultrasounds along the way so far everything is perfect. We go in on May 17 to find out if it is a boy or girl.