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I am 23 years old, I am currently Due October 26, 2013. This so far has been a scary road for me. I have a little girl that was born on super bowl sunday 2-6-11, She was 6lbs 13oz 20inches. In 2012 I gave birth to my little man he was born 4-10-12. He was a month early, He was born a perfect healthy boy. The father of my Kids werent together when I had my son, I was dating a guy that I met off the internet and moved him him, that was a dumb choice on my part but On the night of 5-27-12 is the night that changed me for ever. The guy I was dating told me he would take care of my son so I can get some rest, since I was only running on a few hours of sleep. When I passed out he must have passed out with my son and he woke me up and I found my little man not breathing 911 was called and they tried everything. Since then the thought of being pregnant again scared me. My ex/ father of my children started seeing each other Oct 2012, we decided to move in together and give us one last shot 1-26-13. I thought I was taking all the right measures by taking bc. But on 2-9-13 was the day I was suppose to take the last pill of my pack of bc, but the night before I told my boyfriend/ father of my kids that I was having a funny feeling that I was pregnant. we went and bought two pregnancy tests, I took one that night and one in the morning and sure enough they came back faded positive. I made an appointment and it came back positive. I am starting to grow to the idea that things happen for a reason and I am happy that I am giving my daughter a second chance to be a older sister. I think my daughter is more excited then me and her dad because all she keeps talking about is the baby and she enjoys rubbing my stomach and trying to tickle the baby!