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Age 27
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Status Married
Location Soldotna, Alaska
Interest Archery, living simply and simply living, baby development, painting, learning to knitt and crochet
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A bit about me and my family <3 :-D

I love being pregnant <3

My Husband is an amazing and loving Father to our children and a fantastically awesome HusbyMan <3

I crochet like a boss but cannot knit to save my life :-(

Cosleeping, baby wearing, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, Blw, tandem nursing <---- example on how we parent B-)

Archery, Karate, hiking, fishing, camping, clam digging, wild berry picking, off roading, swimming, gardening, family biking, reading, cooking <---- example of activities we enjoy :-D

We have two cats Marcus and Arthur (Aka The KittyCatMen), Two dogs Odessa Doodle Doo and Shiva Bea Little Lingham (Aka Doo and Shiva), a small flock of chickens and two pigs (Aka The PigPogs).

We eat lots of broccoli, spinach and chicken :-) not sure why lol!

Toodles :-)