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Hello!! My name is Ashley, and I've been with my boyfriend Matt since September 22, 2010. I unexpectedly got pregnant in December of 2010, which unfortunately resulted in miscarriage at 11 weeks & had to have a D & C performed on February 13, 2011. I am now pregnant again!! Everything seems to be going great this time around, and we couldn't be more excited!! <3 Feel free to parenttake me!



2/13/11 - D & C performed :( lost my first baby at 11 weeks pregnant.
3/23/11 - Period returns.
4/21/11 - Second period returns.
5/16/11 - BFP! <3
6/7/11 - First doctors appointment. Ultrasound at 6 weeks, 5 days. Seen our tiny little baby with a heartbeat of 170! <3 Weight = 132.0 lbs
7/1/11 - Second doctors appointment. Weight = 133.4 lbs. Doctor found the babys heartbeat right away with a doppler! 10 weeks, 1 day.

7/15/11 - Gyno appointment. Doctor listened for babys heartbeat & found it right away!
7/19/11 - First trimester screening. Baby did not cooperate. Was moving around like crazy. Retry in one week! Heartbeat = 159 bmp!
7/26/11 - First trimester screening attempt #2, baby did not cooperate again! So i opted out of it. Heartbeat = 153 bpm!
7/26/11 - Third doctors appointment. Found the babys hearbeat, weight = 134 lbs! 13 weeks, 5 days.
8/23/11 - Fourth doctors appointment. Found babys heartbeat, weight = 139 lbs! 17 weeks, 5 days....we find out the gender September 19! <3
9/19/11 - Midpoint scan...baby looks great, heartbeat = 142 bpm, it's a GIRL!!
9/20/11 - Fifth doctors appointment. Found babys heartbeat, weight = 141.5 lbs! 21 weeks, 5 days.
10/20/11 - Sixth doctors appointment. Baby girls heartbeat is strong, current weight = 145.5 lbs!! 26 weeks :) got the drink to take the gestational diabetes test, have to complete that by the 31st!

10/25/11 - One hour screening test for Gestational Diabetes.
10/28/11 - Results: Positive for Gestational Diabetes! Ughhh! Now gotta go do the 3 hour test on November 1! :(
11/1/11 - Three hour screen for Gestational Diabetes. Results = Negative! No diabetes for meeee :) !
11/23/11 - Seventh doctors appointment. Weight = 148.5 lbs! Baby girls heartbeat was 140 bmp, urine was a little dehydrated...got told to eat and drink more! Uterus was measuring perfect! 30 weeks, 6 days! Appointments are now every 2 weeks :)
12/6/11 - Eighth doctors appointment. Weight = 152 lbs! Heartbeat was 138 bpm, uterus was measuring right on track. 32 weeks, 5 days!
12/16/11 - Ninth doctors appointment. Weight = 155.5 lbs! Good heartbeat. 33 weeks, 1 days!
1/3/12 - Tenth doctors appointment. Weight = 158 lbs! Good heartbeat. 36 weeks, 5 days. Got the Group B Strep test done. See the doctor weekly now until she is born!

1/12/12 - Eleventh doctors appointment.

First trimester:
Month 1 = Weeks 1-4: Completed!
Month 2 = Weeks 5-8: Completed!
Month 3 = Weeks 9-13: Completed!
Second trimester:
Month 4 = Weeks 14-17: Completed!
Month 5 = Weeks 18-21: Completed! (IT"S A GIRL!)
Month 6 = Weeks 22-26: Completed!
Third trimester:
Month 7 = Weeks 27-30: Completed!
Month 8 = Weeks 31-35: Completed!
Month 9 = Weeks 36-40: Baking...

Name: Ashley
Age: 24
Is this the first child?: Yes - 2nd pregnancy. Lost my first baby February 13, 2011.

Name: Matt
Age: 23
Is this the first child?: Yes, aside from our miscarriage.
Are you two together?: Happily engaged<3

What day did you find out you were pregnant?: May 16, 2011
How did you find out?: Took a test at my friends out.
How did you feel when you found out?: Happy, nervous.
Who was with you?: My friend Jen.
How did the daddy react?: He was happy!

How did your parents react?: They were happy & worried about me because of the previous loss.
How did his parents react?: Happy!
How often do they call to check on you?: Always.

When is your due date?: January 26, 2012
How far along are you right now?: 24 weeks :)
Have you had an ultra sound?: Several.
Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yes <3

What did you want. Boy or Girl?: I wanted a girl, he wanted a boy.
Do you know what you are having now?: It's a girl!!
Are you happy with what you are having?: SUPER!!!!!

Who is going to be with you?: Matt & my mom.
Are you going to video tape it?: Lots of pics!
Natural or medicated? Medicated!
Do you think you will have a c-section?: I hope not.
Do you think you will cry when you first hold your baby?: YES!!!
Do you know what you will say to the baby when you first hold it?: I love you <3
Are you scared about the labor?: Scared and excited.

Do you have a name picked out?: Aubrey Danielle Marie Ring.
Is your baby going to be named after anyone? No, but her middle names are a combination of mine and matts' sisters.
Did the daddy help pick the name?: Yep.

Where was your baby concieved?: At home.
Have you felt the baby move?: Yep, since about week 18!
What was your first symptom?: Sore breasts!
Will you have godparents?: No.
Who will be the god mummy?:
Who will be the god daddy?:
What is the babys room theme?: Not sure yet....
Are you ready to be a mommy?: Yeah, i can't wait!
What do you think the baby will be a "daddys boy" or a "mummys boy"?: I have a feeling a daddys girl!
Did you have morning sickness? A little.
Did you have any cravings? Not really!
Did you have any mood swings? Yes, poor Matt lol
Are you a high risk pregnancy? Nope.
Any complications? Nope..
Formula or breastfeeding? Formula.
Have you bought anything for baby yet? Clothes!
When did you start to show? 20 weeks.
How long could you wear your regular clothes? Still in them. (( belly band! ))
Are you excited? Very!
Who will help with baby after their born? Matt, our parents.
What is your favorite thing about being pregnant? Feeling her kick and move and hearing her heartbeat! <3
What is the worst thing about being pregnant? BACK PAIN!



October 15 - Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day. RIP my little angle, mommy & daddy will never forget you!!*