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Hi im Jenny =] Im 21 years old and from good ole Rochester New York!
I have a little boy named Jeremiah and a baby in the oven! Im do Aug 23rd.
Im high risk with my pregnacys due to my type 1 diabetes, oh yea! I was on MTV's true life for my diabetes!!!! they where there when my son was born and everything =] but besides that I get to spend all the time in the world with my little monster thanks for this handsom man I call my boyfriend!

]205866_234298089944190_4008278_n.jpgJeremiah Joseph David<3 July 30th 2011. 8lbs 12oz 20 1/2inc
The first time I was able to hold my son, 7 hours after he was born. A moment I will always remember, and will always be in my heart.


Jeremiah now! mommys best friend in the whole world. Truly my world I would kill or be killed for my son =]

14601_500198460020817_1299962381_n.jpgMy Angel baby<3 I love you so much even though you werent with us but more then 10weeks you will forever be in my heart Mommy will be with you someday with all the love I can give.


Eddy, Me & Jeremiah, my little family! I would do anything to make us happy and to see us do good in life. We may not have it all but we are the happiest little family youll ever meet!

Eddy William, the love of my life.
we have the best love story outta everybody I know!
we met when we where 14, I told my self I will get in to love me. we hung out for years then lost touch. I gave up thinking he just wasnt interseted. We finally met up years later and as we where talking I asked why all the other girls and not me. and thats the day my life changed. he explained he never thought I like him, and thought I just wanted to be friends, that night we spent the whole night under the stars playing at a park and we have been together ever since! I love him with every inch of my being.


Me & Eddy when we where 15<3