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I am now expecting my 3rd child, I have found each pregnancy more demanding than the last and this will definately be my last child, Aleara due 18th August and was born 19th august at 2.39am i was in labour for 17 hours for pain releif i had pethadine and gas and air i was vomiting so had the be on a drip due to dehydration, she was a mec baby (opened her bowels while in the whom) and due to the fact she weighed 10 pounds 5 and 1/2 ounces i had a second degree tear. My 2nd labour and delivery was much different Tristan due 6th of June and was born 7th June at 9am 8 hours in labour i had the same pain relief of pethadine and gas and air and again he was mec he weighed 9 pound 14 and 1/2 ounces the sencond time around was a lot easier although just as painful. This time around im hoping all goes well and hopefully it will b quick and the baby wont be mec :D x