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Age 32
Gender Female
Status Married
Work cna
Location El Paso, Texas
Kids 2
Hi I am the mother to one amazing Boy named Kolin Ross 11.13.08, and a soon to be daughter named Charlotte Capri dd 10.10.11 - My mama's bday. So I am kinda hoping this baby comes on her dd, though I think it will be earlier :P
Kolin is a seriously crazy 2yr old boy that runs circles around his other two yr old friends. But he is also the smartest sweetest boy ever. He has never had a problem with sharing anything from his last piece of candy to his favorite toy. He loves to help kids smaller than him so will be a great big brother, and started showing empathy @ 12mo! :shock::D
I married my bff, on our 5yr anniversary 05.17.07 so we have been together 9 years married for 4! (Im still a little surprised by that)
I am open to lots of parenting styles, and combine things that work for us, I am not 100% natural/organic etc but I do use organic produce and meat when I can. I did not co-sleep, but did bf until my milk stopped producing :( I will never spank or hit, and think time out and redirection work great for us. I used cloth diapers at home and disposables out and about, etc etc etc
I taught montessori toddlers for 6 years but switched to being a CNA at the Veterans medical center a little over a year ago for better pay and health insurance, but miss children so will be trying to get on at a childrens hospital after Charlee is born.