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Hii everyone, I'm Tasha, I love talking to people so feel free to PT me at random. I just don't PT people back all the time. I'm a pretty straight forward kinda person, you get what you see.

My little girl Aliviana is the light of my life. She's so independent and curious.

I am still with Aliviana's father, his name is David. He's a Corporal in the USMC and I'm very proud of him. He's done one tour in Iraq (09) and will be going again possibly in 2013. He's great with our daughter, and is the main provider in our family. Sure, he gets on my nerves some of the times, but hey that's life and I love him, <3
Our lovebug Aliviana was born July 25 via C-section after 19.5 hours of non-medicated labor. I don't know why, but I love talking about my labor, I could go on and on about it. (Seriously, ask about it. I have some hilarious stories about my gay best friend that stayed in the room too)

My labor story:




Things about me:

-I want to pursue a career in law enforcement
-I have a very rough relationship with my mother. We used to be very close until she met her now wife, since then my mother and I rarely communicate about anything other then how i am and if she needs to complain about something.
-I will NOT talk to my mothers wife, and I do not mind explaining to anyone that asks why.
-My father just had a baby last month so my little sister and daughter will be in the same age bracket. Shit happens. (They are exactly on month apart Morgan was born June 25 and Aliviana was born July 25)


-I am breast-feeding and I do not intend to let people who don't understand breastfeeding in public to push me around. (I do however supplement with formula while she is in daycare, but exclusively breastfeed as long as I am around.)
-I will NOT use the CIO method, my mother did it with me right into my teenage years and it really effected me emotionally.
-We co-sleep
-We co-bathe
-I allow her to suck on her fingers as a soother, she does however get a pacifier when she wants one. (When she doesn't want it she will spit it across the room lol)
I will not judge how you parent or the choices you make regarding your child(ren). As long as you and your child(ren) are happy, no one else opinion or theories should matter.

Thanks, now enjoy some pictures :D