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I'm Jerra. I I gave birth to a perfect little man August 17th 2011! He was 6lbs even and 19 inches born at 12:35 pm. He is me and his Daddy's world and I wouldn't change a thing! He is the light of out lives and he is what makes my world go round. Some people are born to be doctors, or vets, or race car drivers... I was born to be his mommy!!!


So this picture below is how our little man was made!! His name is Daniel and he is the love of my life!! He is sweet and caring, a smart ass and a pain in my ass most of the time but I wouldn't have it any other way. We have been together for nearly 3 years now and We were not protecting ourselves for a year and a half of that. It took a long time for us to concieve and I couldn't be happier with my miracle!!! I love my man and he gave me my baby man! So no matter what happens between us I will ALWAYS love him for helping bless me with this beautiful gift of motherhood!!!

Im a photographer and all these shots are my own!! This is my baby man! Xavier Gage kozen! He is the light of my life!!!! Green eyes and black hair!!! I am so in love!
yes we co-bathe I feel closer to him that way and he sleeps every night in his swing or on my chest! He began crawling at 5 months and began walking at 20 months! e is always on the go and so funny and brilliant!


He is his Daddy's world and I love it!!! They look alike act alike and even sleep alike! It's so wonderful to see! I am so blessed by this miracle of nature, love, and passion!!
I couldn't ask for anything more!


I call him punkin!
And our Family!!
My punkin is almost a year! most handsome baby EVER
Future baseball star