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I found out i was pregnant January 4, 2011. the pregnancy had many complications including low lying placenta, strep b, and preterm labor. I had Braelyn Rae Woodall May 10, 2011 and she got her wings on May 12, 2011. She was diagnosed with strep b infection in her blood and her immune system was trying so hard to fight it it actually broke down her blood causing her to have ceasures with led to brain bleads. There was a lvl 4 on the right side and a lvl 3 on the left. The doctors took her off all the machines and let us hold her. My daughter took her last breath and left us to become an angel in my arms. Me and SO are now TTC. We know nothing will replace her and we are not trying to replace her but want another

August 27, 2011- bfp
August 30, 2011- first doctor appt
October 18, 2011- went to Dr no hb or movement