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I'm a proud Mama to Dylan, Caelyn, Curtis, Enid, Aidin, and Peyton. Soon to be Mama to Liliana! I can't wait to meet this beautiful lil girl!

I have wonderful kids, biological and not. I adore having 5 of them currently living with me.

I'm currently going to school in Idaho to be a social worker. I've encountered several AMAZING social workers with my two special needs kids. I want to be able to do for someone else what was done for me.

I survived domestic abuse and managed to walk away. I also lost 19 babies through a very violent relationship. If you need resources or someone to talk to I'm here. I'm willing to help anyone out as long as your not manufacturing a bog of bs for me to wade through.

I'm a passionate advocate for
*Child health
*Mental health
*Self Sufficiency