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My name is Autumn, I am twenty years old and I have one child. I enjoy music, painting, dancing on occasion, and playing with Aimery.

My sons name is Aimery Bartholomew. I don't care to hear if you disapprove of his name or like it, that is his name and your opinion isn't going to change it. He was born on August Twenty-sixth Two-thousand eleven at Ten Forty-Two P.M weighting a total of Seven pounds thirteen ounces! It was a vaginal delivery in a hospital. He breast feed for a couple of months then he stopped taking so I pumped until it dried up. He is now one year old, toddling EVERYWHERE. His favorite things are cats, dogs, outside, grass, and water. He doesn't watch television and we are off the bottle and pacifier (that went around five months on his own) drinking milk and eating table food, his favorite being carrots. He has grown so much so fast its scary.

IMG_20120329_144125.jpgI support:
-Pro-choice (but abortion is NOT a form of birth control.)
-Breast feeding
-Home schooling
-Organic food
-protecting the earth and all its beauty
-Marrying for love Aug2011Siggy-1.gif