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m a mom of 4 and one on the way.

my oldest is tommy is 8, my second child is alexandra she is 7 years old, my third now is 3, my youngest now is almost 5 months old and growing like a weed and i have one on the way, I am 7 weeks but that changes every monday, this pregnancy was very unexpected and not wanted right now but we will take what we get and be happy with it i am so ready to find out what i am having im hoping for another girl.



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So I went in for a ultrasound today and my baby girl is measuring at almost 33 weeks and weights 4 pounds already WOW!!!!!!!!!!! My original due date and the one they are sticking with is Oct. 5, 2011 and my grandma and I dont expect me to make it to that date she's saying all have her around the 1st of Sept. and I'm saying the middle of Sept. right around my sister's birthday...What a great birthday present for her.

I'm so glad I have her room ready and all the bags packed and ready to go. I'll be putting the bags and car seat in the van next week, cause knowing my grandmother she's probably right. Now all I have to do is wait for my little girl to get here and in the mean time i think I'll spend what time I can finalizing everything for her and making sure I spend time with my 2 wonderful boys who I know are going to be so much help once she comes along.