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My name is Angelina but most people call me Angie or Lina. I am 19 years young and I am the proud single mother of a beautiful little princess names Koi McKenna. Born at 5:15 on November 9th, 2010, she wieghed 6lbs 12oz, measured 19 inches long, and instantly stole my heart. :)

I've had it rough so far but I'm not much for pitty so, moving right along.. I was trying not to concieve but, alas, condoms have failed me and I am currently 8 weeks along. Young, I know. I'm fully aware that my situation is not really socially acceptable, it's not exactly something I wanted for myself. What can I say? Stuff happens. I'd take it back if I could but there's no point living in the past. I messed up and I regret but I'm moving forward. I will be keeping the baby and raising it alongside my toddler. I know it's going to be hard but I know I'll get through it.

A born again Christian, I truly believe that God alone can get me through my 9th hour because only he can turn a TEST into a TESTimony. I found God again thanks to my cousin and best friend shortly before finding out that I am expecting again but I trust in him and I will continue to do so. I am pierced and tattooed and I have much more planned but I truly believe that as long as I my heart is in the right place, God will accept me tattoos and all.

I am trying to right by the Lord and by my children so, even if I was fine with it before, please do not leave inappropriate comments.

Have a Blessed day.. :)
After 3 months of wonderfully exclusive breastfeeding, Koi self weaned after a bout of Thrush and it broke my heart </3